Collegium Meeting of Ministry of Culture


The Kazakh Research Institute of Culture is planned to be opened in Kazakhstan in 2020. The Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage will operate at this Institute as well. This has been announced by Kazakh Minister of Culture and Sports, Aktoty Raimkulova, during the collegium in Nur-Sultan. She also said that several cultural facilities such as visit-centers of Ulytau, Gaukhar ana and Sauran museum-reserves will be introduced this year.

The Minister spoke about preparations to the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Al-Farabi. A model of the Al-Farabi mausoleum in Damascus, Syria will be created on the territory of the Otyrar museum-reserve in Turkistan region.

“Access to cultural and art for all segments of the population is being created in regions. Now we should provide residents of the regions with the access to these facilities. For example, we should develop a schedule of visits by students to holy sites of the regions. In addition, it is also necessary to discuss the topic of establishing an inclusive theater and faculty in schools with local authorities,” Raimkulova said.

During the collegium, the Minister spoke about plans in sports area as well. She said that a plan of mass sports development is being adopted at the moment. Prevention works from violations of the World Anti-Doping Code will be continued and work on the successful performance of national teams at the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be strengthened.