Collection of Unique Kazakh Recipes Gets Published


More than 50 recipes to making the rarest traditional delicacies were included in the new book “Kazakh Cuisine: Taste and Traditions.” The unique publication is the result of the tedious work of several Kazakh researchers. In order to collect the recipes of the most ancient Kazakh dishes, the researchers traveled to all corners of the country as part of the scientific expedition.

“This is the result of field trips, of the work that we’ve done for a whole year, by traveling across Kazakhstan. One year ago, we started our expedition; we visited the rural areas, spoke to the local people, to the elderly.  We published 2000 copies of the book in three languages. In this book, we’ve introduced 50 recipes, some of which have been forgotten, others are not commonly used nowadays,” said Spokesperson of “Halyk Kazynasy” Research Institute, Aigerim Musagazhinova.

The illustrated book does not only comprise the secrets of preparing traditional Kazakh dishes but contains information on the peculiarities of the dining etiquette, diets of our ancestors. The authors also included the accurate ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates contained in each specific meal.

“Kazakh cuisine is very healthy. I believe this book is only the beginning. We have a rich cuisine, with its regional characteristics. In the course of our research, we discovered a lot of interesting peculiarities in traditional cooking in every region. I think that in the future we can publish books on every regional cuisine that can be found in Kazakhstan,” Musagazhinova said.

Kazakhs were attentive to the peculiarities of serving the food. During events and celebrations, a corresponding dish was served to the guests. Every dish carried a symbolic cultural meaning.

For example, one dish signified respect for guests, another one respect for the elderly, or a wish for child-rearing. The names of the dishes were not accidental either, they were in line with the meaning put into the dish.