Korean Film Week

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the Korean Cultural Center has been launched in Kazakhstan. The center has organized various events for people interested in Korean culture and history. Among them is the Korean Film Week.

“This year we are going to continue this tradition to the delight of the Kazakh viewers”, says Lee Hye-Ran, the director of the Korean Cultural Center in Nur-Sultan. The Center has been screening the Korean films for the Kazakh audience for eleven years now.

Meanwhile, last year marked the 100th anniversary of the film industry in Korea.

“For Film Week, we choose films for screening in accordance with the season of the year. For example, in winter we show Christmas movies, during summer we want to screen drama, action and crime films. This year, we are going to keep this tradition. Why do we want to screen Korean films? Because even though certain people have never been to Korea, they still can get acquainted with the Korean culture and history through the various genres of films that we screen. Our center is open to all the cinema lovers,” said Director of Korean Cultural Center, Lee Hye-Ran.