Ethnic Design - Worldwide Trend

The ethnic design has become a worldwide trend in the fashion industry. During the meeting in the capital, the Chairperson of the Designer’s Union of Eurasia told that Kazakh national designers have won international competitions which shows that this area is trending now. Yermek Assylkhanov said that the ethnic style is famous today since it is a mixture of ornaments with modern style patterns.

“First of all, the ethnic design has its own place in the fashion industry which is developing. The ethnic style includes eco design. The Kazakh design and handicraft products are made from environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, we are working on one project. What kind of food did our ancestors, Turkic and Saka people, eat? We see than they had wooden, bone and leather dishes. We were surprised. We are restoring them. Our goal is not to showcase the Kazakh design, but to find out about Kazakh spiritual and creative values through the Kazakh design and present them to the world,” said Chairperson of Designers’ Union of Eurasia, Yermek Asylkhanov.