Kazakhstan and Tajikistan: Cultural Cooperation

Every year Kazakhstan and Tajikistan work together to strengthen cooperation in various areas. One of its first partnership on cultural events in 2020 is dance lessons by Honored Artist of Tajikistan, Dilorom Sattorova.

The choreographer taught the most distinguished Tajik style of dance to Kazakh ensemble dancers in the capital city. The dancer said that it was easy and fun to work with Kazakh children.

“In the beginning, I thought it would be quite hard but it turned out they have a strong foundation. These children are very well trained in classics. That is why it was so easy for girls and boys to learn a new choreography. I would like to invite the Nomad Dance Academy to Tajikistan. I want our Ministry to invite this school so the children will be our guests,” said People’s Artist of Tajikistan, Choreographer, Dilorom Sattorova.

“Once we worked with the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, and now we have a chance to work with the Honored Artist of Tajikistan. I was very glad that we managed to learn three dances in three days. It was hard, but we did it. We learned three dances: “Dombra bazm,” “Tonovor” and “Zang.” The most difficult was “Dombra bazm” because it involved boys and girls. It was difficult to learn the moves which were very complicated. I’m very happy that we all did it,” said Dancer of 9th Grade School Student, Dilnaz Begalina.

The Nomad Dance Ensemble is very popular in Kazakhstan. The ensemble performed at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the United Nations, the Embassies and major national and city events. The ensemble has won the Grand Prix at national and international competitions in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The repertoire of the dance ensemble includes more the 23 folk dances of the world, to which the Tajik folk dance has been just added.

Photo: Facebook