Concert by Alan Buribayev Took Place at Astana Opera

A unique opera and symphony concert, Letters from Italy, by conductor and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Alan Buribayev, took place at Astana Opera. The conductor presented his project in Nur-Sultan for the first time. The opera and symphony concert tells stories of great composers through letters that they wrote during their stay in the wonderful country, Italy.

“When I studied the works of great composers such as Verdi, Tchaikovsky and Mozart, I came up with a new idea. I wondered why these great people did not want to perform their works with their own voice and tone. I think this is a truly unique project and an experiment given that there were no similar projects previously. I prepared for this concert very carefully. I have read a lot of letters. Of course, the concert program was created based on the epistolary legacy of the composers,” said Principal Conductor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Alan Buribayev.

The concert program featured the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra, Astana Opera soloists and Honored Workers of Kazakhstan such as Saltanat Akhmetova, Medet Chotabayev as well as the Honored Artist of Bashkortostan, Alfiya Karimova, and maestro, Alan Buribayev.