The Golden Man Procession Through the Museums of the World

The Golden Man Procession through the Museums of the World will continue in 2020. People in Germany, Lithuania, the USA, Singapore and Italy will be able to see the national symbol of Kazakhstan. This was announced during a press conference on the results of the implementation of the international exhibition project in 2019.

“This project has several goals. The first is the popularization of our rich cultural heritage. The second goal is the promotion the country’s cultural image. The third is the attraction of foreign tourists to Kazakhstan. The fourth is sharing experiences in the field of museum business,” said Deputy Director of National Museum of Kazakhstan, Abai Satybaldin.

The large-scale project was launched in 2017 as part of the implementation of Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program. Within the past year alone, people from Turkey, Malaysia, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Tatarstan and Uzbekistan had a chance to get acquainted with the ancient history and unique art of Kazakh nation

“I must say, The Golden Man Procession through the Museums of the World was very successful in Uzbekistan. These cultural relations between the two countries will continue and develop. Undoubtedly, such exhibitions will contribute massively to the cultural development of the two countries,” said Director of  State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, Vasila Fayziyeva.

“There is a term called “soft power”, which explains culture as an important political tool that shows the influence of the state and nation. Indeed, culture, literature, art, and philosophical thoughts – this is all our strength. This collection, this exhibition, which is travelling around the world, is a pure “soft power”. It is a diplomatic tool for Kazakhstan in the international arena,” said Head of Museum of Islamic Culture of Tatarstan, Ilnur Nizamiyev.

According to scientists, the pieces presented at foreign exhibitions, including the main one – the Golden Man, give people the opportunity to imagine the world of steppe civilization, and become more familiar with the history, prosperity and great victories of nomadic empires.

“Within three years, more than one million people around the globe had a chance to see the Kazakh Tutankhamun. During this time, the Golden Man has been exhibited in museums in 12 countries. The unique exhibit that demonstrates the highly developed civilization of the nomadic people has captured great interest around the world. Next year the Golden Men will travel to five more countries,” said Correspondent, Aigerim Akimzhanova.