Nur-Sultan Hosted Sakhnager 2019 National Theater Award

The Sakhnager-2019 national prize was awarded to the country’s best theater workers in Nur-Sultan city. These are professionals of drama, music, opera, ballet, puppet and youth theaters from all over Kazakhstan.

18 best specialists in their field were named as winners of the special award. Four stage masters were acknowledged for their contribution to the development of art while two outstanding figures became laureates of the Stage Longevity award.

In addition, 30 young artists were awarded with the statuettes “Umit – Nadezhda” or Hope. About 50 theatre groups from Kazakhstan took part in the qualifying round. The event has been held for the third time with the support of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.

“First of all, this is the result of the year, showcasing all the creative achievements by our professional talents. This award gives a creative impetus to the young generation to rise to the level of professional artists as well as to receive this award in the future,” said Vice President of Association of Theaters of Kazakhstan, Askhat Mayemirov.

“I’m very grateful for such an assessment of my modest work, because we do this not to win an award, we work hard in order to encourage the spectators to come, enjoy, read something from our soul and some lines from our theatrical worldview. All of this is staged and done for this. We are very glad that this is evaluated by the jury,” said Winner of Best Stage Director, Gulsina Mirgaliyeva.