National Museum of Kazakhstan Marks its Fifth Anniversary

The National Museum of Kazakhstan, which is the youngest and the largest museum in Central Asia, marks its 5th anniversary. As part of the anniversary celebration, an international scientific conference will be held on 18th and 19th December in the capital city.

More than 100 delegates are expected to take part in the event. Discussions on global competitiveness and potential of Kazakhstan’s main museum worldwide will be held.

“The Golden Man Procession through the World’s Museums” project has a particular importance in the promotion of Kazakh national history and culture. To date, the exhibition has been presented in 11 countries, and next year it will tour to another five countries.

The results of the recent archaeological excavations will also be presented during the conference. The main topic of the presentation would be the historical pieces of the Early Iron Age discovered in the Yeleke Sazy burial sites in East Kazakhstan.

“During the excavations at the burial sites, human remains were discovered as well as valuable artifacts and gold items that have not been touched by anyone. The findings are in the process of research. Special laboratory examinations are being carried out. After all these works are completed, the scientific reconstruction of the historical object will be recreated, whereby it will be remodeled based on its appearance, its height and clothes. All of the discovered items will be presented at the exhibition at the National Museum of Kazakhstan,” said Deputy Director of National Museum of Kazakhstan, Aibar Kasenalin.