Mother Steppe Exhibition in Nur-Sultan


Works of an artist from Pavlodar city, Victor Polikarpov, are dedicated to compositions of poet, Pavel Vasiliyev. The poet praised the beauty of the Kazakh steppe in his poems. Pavel Vasiliyev also translated Kazakh folk legends and epics into Russian.

He introduced Kazakh culture to Russian readers and contributed to bringing the two nations closer together. Vasiliyev’s works are conveyed through each line of paintings. Polikarpov is a graphics painter. He said that he can relate to Vasiliyev’s Eurasian ideology. Nearly 20 works of Polikarpov are presented at the exhibition in the Russian Research and Cultural Center in Nur-Sultan. The exhibition is open to residents and visitors of the capital until mid-January.

“The creativity of Pavel Vasiliyev’s works inspired not only Aleksandr Gradskiy, but also many other people. One of them is an 81-year-old artist, Victor Polikarpov. He lives in Pavlodar. He has brought to the capital city the art works that he made under the influence of Pavel Vasiliyev’s poems. He presented paintings which he made based on the poems. His early paintings from his solo collection have been showcased as well. Only visitors of this exhibition will have a chance to see this collection. We invite people who appreciate the heritage of not only Pavel Vasiliyev, but also the people who admire the works related to the Kazakh steppes,” said Head of Russian Center for Science and Culture in Nur-Sultan City, Konstantin Vorobyov.