Abylai Khan Performance Premiered at Zhastar Theater


The Abylai Khan theatrical performance, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Abish Kekilbayev, premiered on the stage of Zhastar Theater in the capital.

Previously, the play was initially introduced to the public in 2016 as Nartauekel. The story tells about Abylai Khan, who rebuilt the country by uniting 300 people.

Previously, the fate of the country depends on the destiny of individuals and this garnered great interest from the audience.

Abylai Khan, which was known as a outstanding commander and a heroic leader, was poetically portrayed in a glorious manner.

“This is a story written about Abylai Khan who is one of the wise men of the nation. The storyline is very convincing and is creatively written. This is a unique work about our national pride, Abish Kekilbayev. In my opinion, this work is very important to our people. This play will bring the Zhastar Theater to a higher level,” said Stage Director, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Nurkanat Zhakypbai.

Photо: keste.kz