Nur-Sultan Hosted Aigul Saitova Exhibition

Light, love and harmony – this is the motto of artist, Aigul Saitova. She presented more than 40 works at her personal exhibition in Nur-Sultan. Her uniqueness is that she doesn’t give any names to her paintings.

According to Aigul, this allows the viewers to self-perceive the art. The works of Aigul Saitova allows people to see other spiritual horizons and even has a therapeutic effect.

The artist has been paining for twelve years and has presented her works in London and Bishkek. During the EXPO-2017 exhibition, Aigul’s paintings were displayed at the Healing-art creative energy hall.

“My goal is to create paintings that bring people inner harmony, the promise of light, love and carry an element of healing. In any case, anything that carries light and spirituality heals people. This can be an art work or any other form of creativity. Every person coming close to my painting will feel its energy. That is the first. All these paintings have positive energy,” Saitova said.