Night at Museum to be held in Capital City

The Night at the Museum will be held in Nur-Sultan on November 29th, where residents and visitors of the capital will be able to enjoy a rich program in the National Museum.

The planned events include theatrical mini performances “Vibrant Market: Abai”, a waltz dance ball, vivid show of circus performers and concert program. The organizers said that there will be more events.

Visitors will also see the opening of group thematic exhibitions, master classes, sightseeing excursions which will introduce the rich history, culture and traditions of Kazakh people to the residents and tourists of the capital.

“Tonight we will showcase Egyptian rarities at the event. We have our own museum funds which we are not able to display every time. We have a yurt and the decorations to show to the people, the visitors. We will showcase the national Asyk game as well. The exhibition will be conducted by museum guides and also experts including archeologists and historians who will lead the various programs,” said Deputy Director of National Museum of Kazakhstan, Almaz Nurazkhan.