Nina Tereschenko’s Myths and Tales in Characters and Colors Exhibition

Private exhibition of member of the Artists’ Union of Kazakhstan, Nina Tereschenko, was held in Nur-Sultan.

The presented works reflected the brightest cultural treasures of Slavic world and people of the East. Legendary Batyrs, brave eagle huntresses, Saka ruler Tomiris and biblical characters seemed to be alive in the master’s works.

The total number of paintings displayed was 56 including works of the artist for the last three years. Nina Tereschenko art style is Expressionism and she uses oil paints and painting knife. Sometimes she uses other technics such as graphics and watercolor.

“I chose the fairy tale theme because my soul always desire for beauty, a fairy tale. Childhood is the best time of the life. That is why I like to paint myths, tales, epics and any historical moments. When you read a book or watch a film, for example, I read Phantom of the Opera book and wanted to show my vision. The thing that you liked, that you loved, you want to showcase it to people through your vision. It is the best feeling for artist if someone will like his or her paintings as well,” said Member of Artists’ Union of Kazakhstan, Nina Tereschenko.