Nur-Sultan Hosted Youth of the Great Steppe Exhibition

Youth of the Great Steppe exhibition, featuring the works of laureates and winners of the competition dedicated to the upcoming holiday, the Day of the First President of Kazakhstan.

The exposition presented over 20 works of participants of the creative competition in various genres such as arts and crafts, painting, graphics and sculpture. The contest was announced by the Library of the First President and the Union of Artists of the capital in February.

Organizers said that the main goal of the event is to support the creative endeavors of youth and create modern gallery of characters of the great persons of the past.

“These motifs of our native land and the Great Steppe can be found in every work whether it is a work made of felt or whether it is oil paintings or graphics made by our masters. We think that our goal was successfully accomplished and most importantly, the year 2020 will be filled with very important anniversary events. We can introduce Nur Sultan city to the public as well as to the visitors the part of the exposition which was done by our famous and beginning masters,” said Deputy Director of Library of First President of Kazakhstan, Kulyaisha Aktayeva.