Kazakh Theatre Staged Plays in Bishkek


Actors of the Seifullin Karagandy Regional Drama Theatre toured to Kyrgyzstan with two sensational plays. Artists performed the Fariza and Mukagali play in Bishkek for the first time. This story tells about creative search and experiences of famous Kazakh poet, Mukagali Makatayev. Performances involved not only actors’ monologues, but also music and choreography.

“Theatre needs to be heard and see the life of other actors. Especially our spectators should be aware of your theater since our cultural origins are similar. Both Kazakhs and Kyrgyz understand and welcome our performances very well. We often attend festivals in Osh and Bishkek. We are greeted very warmly. We see your theatrical achievements as well. They are very inspiring,” said Theatre Director, Sansyzbai Bekbolatov.

Theatre staff recognized that the most important thing for them was to reveal Mukagali Makatayev as a strong creative person who was meticulous about purity of the works. He didn’t tolerate falsehood and simplicity of lines of poetry. He believed that the poetry should be far from mundane and ordinary topics.

“Recently, we have received the status of an academic theater. We are very happy. We came to your city with great joy to showcase our performances and new plays which we staged last year. They were very successful. These performances won prizes at international competitions. Spectators attend with great pleasure,” said Literary Director of Theatre, Alma Bekbolatova.

Another performance presented by the Karagandy Regional Drama Theatre is “It is Nobody’s Fault”. This is an absurdist drama demonstrating the relationship between parents and children. The message of the play is to call for loving and showing respect to adults.

Photo: mangystaumedia.kz