Kazakhstan Won The Hearts of Art Connoisseurs in Moldova

Kazakhstan has won the hearts of art connoisseurs in Moldova. The troupe of Almaty Theater Zhas Sakhna has presented its interpretation of the Pugachev uprising at the international festival, Moldfest. Critics said that the production of Aleksei Shemes “Pugachov. The Birth” is innovative and the lead actor Marat Amirayev has become the discovery of the festival this year.

“Pugachyov. The Birth” is a mono-play which means there is one actor on the stage. The complexity and depth of the performance determines the excitement and awe of its creators. Marat Amirayev was not only the main character of Pugachev, but also the ideological inspirer of the performance.

“We staged the performance about an artist who wants to express his thoughts. This can be very difficult, particularly to portray the emotions. Most importantly, we wanted to show what it takes to paint on the canvas his inside feelings on what was happening around him and the reality,” said actor, Marat Amirayev.

The interpretation of the image of the poet, the director's decision and the talented acting allowed the audience to see Yesenin in a process of creating his famous poem, “Pugachyov.” The public witnessed how the poet came up with the idea of writing about this work, what he experienced and doubted as well as his pain about the peasants and his thoughts on the Yemelyan rebellion.

“Over the past 50 years, we remember only Lyubimovsky’s Pugachyov and Vysotsky’s famous intonations. There is nothing more and why? The text is difficult. I don’t have enough strength! First of all, I need absolute mental strength since the texts are so complex and difficult to understand. It seems to me that today we saw a rare performance that shows the truer image of Yesenin,” said theater critic, Aleksandr Platunov.

“Recently, I have been at an interesting festival in Kazakhstan. It was a wonderful festival in the Kokshetau city and the Kazakh theme continues, because I have discovered Kazakhstan, culture, and theater for myself. Today I saw a strong and sophisticated Kazakh actor,” theater critic, Armine Oganesyan.

Photо: elgezit.kg