New Music Generation Contest of Composers Kicked off in Nur-sultan

A large-scale musical event has begun in Nur-Sultan. 115 composers from 24 countries gathered in the capital of Kazakhstan for the event. They compete in the international contest, New Music Generation.

The creative competition is held in the capital for the first time as part of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. The goal of the event is to popularize classical and modern academic music and provide a platform to support young talented authors of musical works.

The composers which are under 35 years of age take part in the competition online. They presented more than 200 musical works. Popular musicians from Kazakhstan and foreign countries will evaluate the skills of the composers. Master classes are also planned as part of the competition.

“Any competition of composers is a huge event in the world of art. Our competition is a landmark event not only within our country, but also for the entire cultural community of the world. Having managed to become familiar with the musical notes received for the contest, it can be said that our competition is currently one of the most prestigious events in the world,” said Art Director of Contest, Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin.

“I believe it puts the Kazakh University of Art and the city of Nur-Sultan on the map of international competition because it is one of the major events at this level. The competition is open to various ages, categories, works, symphonies, chamber, vocal. So it is quite unique I think in the world of composition competition,” said Member of Jury from France, Martin Loridan.