Rare Book About Kazakhs Donated to Museum in Almaty

A rare copy of Kazak Exodus written by British Journalist, Godfrey Lias was donated to the Museum of Rare Books in Almaty. The book is about a story of Kazakh traditions and fate of the nomads through the eyes of an English writer and journalist. The 1956 publication also describes the events of the exodus of 20,000 Kazakh families from the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Some of the families moved to East Kashmir and others migrated to Turkey.

“This is a very valuable book about the history of Kazakhs. Firstly, this book was written based on stories of participants of this exodus. Godfrey Lias visited Turkey and wrote all these stories. Participants of this exodus are Kazakhs who migrated from China to Turkey. The book tells about the life of Batyr Ospan. He was one of the leaders of this exodus since he led the people and brought them to Turkey,” said Researcher of Museum of Rare Books in Almaty, Dinmukhamed Abdrakhanov.

Political scientist Bakhytzhan Bukharbayev translated and reprinted the work of the English author in Kazakh and Russian languages. The book which has a circulation of 4,000 copies has been presented to the Kazakh readers this year.

“The book was translated at the beginning of 2019. Bakhytzhan Bukharbayev found the Kazak Exodus on the Internet and he was very interested in this book and began to translate the book. In Kazakh, the book is called “Aspantau askan urkin kosh” and in Russian “Velikiy Iskhod Kazakhov,” Abdrakhanov said.

Today nearly 1,000 valuable exhibits are stored in the Museum of Rare Books in Almaty, including folios of Central Asian authors, ancient writings and unique manuscripts of Kazakh and ancient Turkic scholars which are about the particular historical and cultural significance for the country.

Photо: vlast.kz