Kazakh Jazz Band Performed in London

London had recently hosted a concert of student jazz band of College of the Kazakh National University of Arts. The concert was the first performance of the Kazakh band in the United Kingdom. The musicians passed a special competitive selection and carefully selected the best repertoire. In addition to the famous western hits, the band also performed Kazakh folk songs such as Iligai and Sugirdin Termesi in an interesting jazz melody.

“We want to show all the parts of the various jazz including classic jazz and mix ethno jazz. Yes, these are the Kazakh folk plays in the jazz interpretation,” said Manager of Jazz Band, Raushan Davletbayeva.

Admirers of live classic and folk jazz gathered to listen to the performance of the young and talented musicians.

Concerts of the artists were organized as part of the implementation of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity Program with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in the UK.

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