Kazakh Batyrs on the Streets of London

Kazakh batyrs who are two meters tall, dressed in traditional leather armor and armed with ancient pikes caused a real stir among residents and tourists in London. All passers-by hurried to take pictures with them.

Participants of the Kazakh ethno project Orda performed at the Trafalgar Square in the heartland of the United Kingdom. The batyrs continued the flash mob introduction with military traditions in front of the Residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The visitors were impressed by the performance and decided to learn more about the culture of nomads and Kazakhstan.

“We came to London with one main goal, which is to make the foreigners learn more about the civilization of nomads and the country of the Great Steppe while at the same time to popularize Kazakh national traditions including clothes which our ancestors used to wear,” said ethno project participant, Duman Amin.

Photо: city04.kz