Nur-Sultan Hosted Theatre Evening Dedicated to 125th Anniversary of Ilyas Zhansugurov

Nur-Sultan has hosted a literary and theatrical evening, “The Poet and His Muse” dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet, writer, playwright and public figure, Ilyas Zhansugurov.

Theatre performance was prepared based on the author’s poem Kuishi and Khan Kene tragedy, written by Mukhtar Auezov.The goal of the event is to generate interest of students to poetry as well as garner respect to national values. Organizers added that there are also acknowledge of talents and support of creative initiatives.

Artists who performed the play were students of Nazarbayev University who successfully made the event unique. Some of the fragments of works were performed in English.

“It inspires the youth to awaken their spiritual capabilities. That is why we hold such events. The performers are not the actors at all; they are engineers, doctors, politicians. However, the play on the stage will help them to overcome their insecurities. After that, they will be able to get the message everywhere,” said Director of Cultural Center of Nazarbayev University, Gultas Kurmanbai.