Astana Musical Presented Premiere of Shanyrak Performance

Astana Musical Theatre has presented an extraordinary beauty and outstanding identity of centuries-old traditions and customs of Kazakh people such as birth of a child, his first steps, matchmaking and wedding.

Nur-Sultan has hosted a long awaited premiere of Shanyrak musical performance. Artists of the theatre have been preparing for about six months for the unique performance which takes place in a yurt.

“During the preparations to the musical performance, we have been working together with dressers, choreographer and stage director. All of them tried to create the image which clearly reflects the artists’ characters as clearly as possible. I play the character of winter,” said artist of Astana Musical, Anel Murzagulova.

The harmonious combination of the sounds of national instruments and folk songs coupled with modern choreography, create a mystical atmosphere, immersing the public in the world of images and symbols of the ancient civilization of nomads.

“Since this is a musical genre, the music must be continuous from the beginning to end. Therefore, it is very interesting and memorable for the audience. In Central Asian countries, Astana Musical is a very new project. A lot of efforts have been put into this project which I think will be paid off abroad,” said composer, Bolatbek Nurkasymov.

In the near future, the Astana Musical Theater plans to tour overseas in order to present its experimental performance which reflects the richness of history and greatness of the traditions of nomads.