London Hosted Kazakhstan Film Week

Kazakhstan Film Week in London has come to an end.

The film Aika was presented to the public on the last day of the cultural event. The huge public gathered to watch the film with Samal Yeslyamova who won the award of the Cannes film festival. Film critics also watched the movie with the spectators.

There were English subtitles for the convenience of the British public.

“This is a wonderful movie. This is the third film I’ve watched during the film week. Aika gave me different feelings,” said spectator, Kasha Troyanovska.

The topic of illegal immigration has been raised in the movie thoroughly. The British public’s interest has increased in the film. There are a lot of people who crossed the English Channel to seek a better life in the UK. 

According to Film Director, Sergey Dvortsevoy the topic of migrants is up to date. The entire world is full of migrants. Everyone is relocating from one place to another. A person who could not succeed in the country of origin can go abroad to look for better opportunities.

“It is important to popularize our film across the world. I’m glad to see that the English public is watching our films,” said actress, Samal Yeslyamova.

Besides Aika, the British public also watched Oralman, The Road to Mother, Amanat and Shal films.

The Kazakhstan Film Week was organized as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program.

The event was organized by the Kazakh Embassy in the UK and the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.