Book about Erik Kurmangaliyev presented in Nur-Sultan

The presentation of the book which is copied inside a disk titled “Phenomenon Erik Kurmangaliyev” was organized in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The event is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Erik Kurmangaliyev, who was the first countertenor of the Turkic world and an alto voice singer. The singer’s creativity was studied by writer, Marzhan Yershu for 10 years and his book was published in 2014. The new edition of the book has been published with new interesting facts.

Details from the life of the opera singer, who spent most of his life in other countries, have been published. The singer was from Atyrau; he travelled the world and made Moscow his permanent place of residence.

“The book includes information on how he became a singer, his upbringing and our respect to the author who passed away. I’ve gathered a lot of information about Erik. I collected articles by Erik which he wrote for the central publishing houses of Moscow, Leningrad and Kazan as well as the interviews he had given to newspapers,” said poet, Marzhan Yershu.

“Yerik came to Budepest and gave a beautiful performance in the church. I saw him there for the first time. He is my fellow countryman. I saw that he is such a humble man and very down to earth. He impressed the Europeans with his extraordinary voice,” said Lecturer of Budapest University, Onaisha Mandoki.