Daneliya Tuleshova Appointed as Tourism Ambassador of Kazakhstan

Daneliya Tuleshova has become a Tourism Ambassador of Kazakhstan. The famous performer will officially promote domestic tourism on the world stage.

The ceremony of the appointment of the young Tourism Ambassador was held at the ZhasStar festival in the capital of Kazakhstan organized as part of the Youth Year.

13 year-old Daneliya has managed to make a huge contribution to the popularization of the country, particularly in one of her music video, Ozine sen, which was filmed at the Charyn Canyon.

“I'm glad that I can help to raise the interest of foreigners in my home country. I am very grateful for the trust given to me. I will do my best to popularize the country. I constantly travel to other countries and thus, I can tell other people and educate them about our country. They can learn a lot about our country,” Daneliya said.

Photо: inbusiness.kz