Academy of Soloists Orchestra Presented New Concert

The Academy of Soloists State Orchestra presented a new concert as part of the Week of Italian Language for residents and visitors of the capital. In addition, well-known Italian pianist Giuliano Mazzoccante performed on the stage.

The concert program includes the best classical works of foreign composers. The sophisticated public listened to the works of famous composers such as Franz Liszt and Anton Bruckner.

The event was organized with the Italian Embassy in Kazakhstan.

“I’m very happy to be for the first time in my life in this wonderful country. It looks so great and so powerful. It is a big honor for me to play here one of my favorite concerts. It was also one of the great concert that was played by my first professor Lazar Berman in Russian school. What I want to say, I’m very happy to play this concert here, because the concert is full of emotion and that people here are very emotional. The connection between us, me on the stage and people on the audience and the orchestra can be really great. I’m so grateful for invitation for the first time I’m sure I will remember,” said Italian pianist, Giuliano Mazzoccante.