Nur-Sultan Hosted Photo Exhibition Dedicated to Gobekli Tepe

Nur-Sultan hosted a photo exhibition dedicated to Gobekli Tepe, the oldest temple located in Turkey. Over 30 photographs of the unique archaeological site were displayed at the exposition.

Gobekli Tepe is an ancient archаeological site. Scientists said that it was built by nomads 12,000 years ago. The site was discovered in 1963. Recently, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Turkish experts opined that the complex should become a world-class archaeological and tourism center.

“Archаeological exhibits found in this archаeological site are kept in the Gobekli Tepe Museum located in the city of Shanliurfa where research is being carried out. We opened this exhibition to introduce this museum to the Kazakhs. The photographs were taken at different times. As you see, various stones, archaeological monuments, obelisks, all these monuments were not stolen and are well preserved and have survived to this day,” said Spokesperson of Yunus Emre Institute, Almagul Isina.

As part of the Gobekli-Tepe year announced in Turkey this year, information about the ancient structure is promoted around the world.