Nur-Sultan Hosted Concert Dedicated to Queen of Kazakh Poetry

Nur-Sultan hosted a concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the famous poetess Fariza Ongarsynova. Her creativity is considered as one of the brilliant pages in the history of Kazakh culture.

Astana Sazy ethno-folklore ensemble also performed a bright musical evening for the author. The concert program included beloved works of Fariza Ongarsynova as well as the original songs of modern musicians. The audience discovered new sound and felt poetic power of the popular poems.

“We dedicated our concert to the 80th anniversary of the great Kazakh poetess, folk writer Fariza Ongarsynova. The concert program included the best of her works. Performers of traditional songs such as Yerbolat Shaldybekov, Kunsulu Turikpen and many others also performed at the event, besides the Astana Sazy ensemble,” said dombra player of Astana Sazy, Ardak Yeleusiz.

Photо: Астана Ақшамы