Elchin Safarli Met with Readers in Nur-Sultan

“Kazakhstan is inspiring”, said Elchin Safarli, one of the world’s best-selling author.

The writer highlighted that he is both impressed with the breathtaking nature of Kazakhstan and the capital, Nur-Sultan, which amazes with distinguished architectural design. Bright and live emotions that he experienced in Kazakhstan are the key to his creativity.

Elchin Safarli shared his secrets of writing at a meeting with talented youth in Nur-Sultan. 

“I advise not only aspiring writers, but also everyone who is seeking self-fulfillment, to continue to grow, to strive for new knowledge, not to be shy about asking a lot of questions, and to live freely following their heart. I have a very positive experience. Now it has become one of my favorite cities. There is so much air. It is wide here. There are wide roads and a lot of fascinating buildings. It’s nice to be here and I think I might come back in spring,” Safarli said.

Photо: 1news.az