Nur-Sultan Hosted Festival of Ukrainian Folk Art

The capital of Kazakhstan hosted the fourth international festival of Ukrainian folk art, “We are together, We are one family!”

Vocal-choreographic, dance and folk teams from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Poland took part in the concert program. As part of the event, an exhibition of decorative applied art was also organized. A photo exhibition dedicated to the Youth Year in Kazakhstan was held as well.

Organizers said that the festival is aimed at the practical implementation of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s program in order to strengthen social harmony and unity, popularize culture of ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan as well as to expand bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

“We sing and learn different songs, including Kazakh songs as well. We believe that we are all one big family. We are glad to see how young people listen to us. I’m glad that young girls wear Ukrainian traditional costumes. Most importantly, all the nationalities gathered in one place,” said festival participant, Lyubov Klimenko.

“There are 19 public associations of Ukrainians across Kazakhstan. There is no territory without the Ukrainian organization. We are grateful to the Head of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, for the completed work. Ukrainians work in all areas of the economy and they are also involved in politics and culture in Kazakhstan. A lot of Ukrainians are very active in this country,” said Ukrainian Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Ivan Kuleba.