Exhibition by Shokan Tolesh Opened in Nur-Sultan

A Golden Way exhibition of famous Kazakh sculptor Shokan Tolesh was opened in Nur-Sultan. The event is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the artist.

Over 60 of the master’s works including unique monuments made of bronze, stone, wood, aluminum and silver were displayed at the exposition.

The exhibition is basically dedicated to women, parents, and mothers. ‘Princess’, ‘Princess-1’, ‘Princess-2’, ‘Dala aruy’ and ‘Tan Sari’ are displayed right at the entrance. Group of ‘Tan Sari’ also includes women. A lot can be conveyed through a female figure. I’ve conveyed morning through the ‘Tan Sari’ sculpture as well as through the ‘Kerbez Astana’,” artist said.

Shokan Tolesh makes flexible sculptures that unify the styles of East and West. Artists said that his works reflect the heritage of Scythian and Turkic cultures. They also said that the harmony of merger of intelligence, heart and soul are being felt in the graceful lines of sculptures.

“Shokan Tolesh does not try to make the ‘Philosopher’ sculpture in the form of a person, but instead, he made it in the form of an expressed thought. I’m confident that he is the first person who started in this direction of culture to create abstract, plot-mental art in Kazakhstan and in the CIS countries,” said Member of Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Bolat Mukhamediyev.

The works of Shokan Tolesh are popular around the world. His works have been displayed at exhibitions in Switzerland, Russia, the United Kingdom and Egypt. Many of his sculptures are stored in the private collections and galleries in the U.S, Singapore, Belgium, Italy and Austria. In the future, the artist will present his works in France and Turkey.

The exposition will be open for residents and guests of the capital for one month.