Kazakh Capital will Host Voice of Nur-Sultan Festival

Voice of Nur-Sultan international festival will be hosted in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The event organized with the support of Ministry of Culture and Sports will be attended by singers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Portugal, China, and Azerbaijan.

The event will be held for the second time in Nur-Sultan, but this time in the festival format. Foreign participants will perform Kazakh songs in duet with Kazakh celebrities.

The goal of the project is to develop the cultural image and promotion of Kazakh musical creativity.

The festival will be held with the information support by Khabar Agency.

“Khabar Channel and Kazakh TV will broadcast live the Voice of Nur-Sultan on October 25th and 26th. Khabar Channel will air the show to the local viewers and Kazakh TV – to foreign viewers. Another feature is that the project will also be broadcasted on Russian television channel and in other countries to show the participants both during live and during recordings,” said First Deputy Chairperson of Khabar Agency, Rinat Kertayev.

On this project, singer, Zhiger Auypbayev will perform the song ‘Bird's Way’ in a duet with Ukrainian performer, Alina Bashkina. He is very happy to represent Kazakhstan on such wonderful project.