Books by Kairat Sak were Presented in Nur-Sultan

A presentation of two books by Kairat Sak, who is an expert in the Alash studies took place in the capital of Kazakhstan.

One of the books is titled ‘Publication of Alash: Topics of Entrepreneurship.’ The book contains economic topics of the Alash party. The author made a detailed description on the entrepreneurial activities as well as professional development and employment at that time. The scientist is confident that the topics discussed by activists of the Alash movement are still relevant.

The second book is called ‘50 Steps of Life.’ It is a collection of wishes and congratulatory remarks to the author made by creative intellectuals, colleagues and friends who wrote about their appreciation for his invaluable contribution to the development of Kazakh spirituality and national journalism.

“We have been studying the experience and contribution of the Alash leaders for a long time. We have implemented a unique scientific project. We included only the most valuable archival materials in order to pass them down to the current and future generations. The second book can be defined as a report on the results of our work in front of our country. As the great Abai said, it is necessary to report on the results of the work every year and even every day,” Sak said.

“I believe that the book is very important for a reader since it has thoughts and opinions of repressed Kazakhs of the 1930s. Education, science, life and various aspects of social life are reflected in this research work. The activists of the Alash party promoted values such as unity of people, the unity of the nation and the revival of statehood,” said Expert in Alash Studies, Dikhan Kamzabekuly.