Nur-Sultan Hosted Astana Sazy Ensemble Concert

Nur-Sultan hosted the Astana Sazy ethno-folklore ensemble concert. The event was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of three great poets of Kazakh literature including Saken Seifullin, Beimbet Mailin and Ilyas Zhansugurov.

Honored Workers of Culture, celebrities and laureates of various international competitions performed with soloists of the orchestra.

The musical evening was organized by the art director of the Astana Sazy, Bauyrzhan Aktayev. He said that such events showcase the traditions of Kazakh people as well as the wealth of history and culture of the country of the Great Steppe.

“We should remember the names of the outstanding persons of our country. We want to convey this to the younger generation via our creativity. Both the poetry evening and concert are aimed at the preservation of our great heritage,” Aktayev said.