Cooperation between Kazakh and Russian Museums

Museums of Kazakhstan and Russia plan to organize joint exhibitions and exchange experiences. Experts of the two countries also plan to conduct joint archaeological research.

Saraishyk State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve in Atyrau region signed an agreement on development of partnership with Russian museums in Astrakhan and Volgograd regions.

“We are happy to cooperate with Kazakhstan and the Kazakh museum-reserve in order to introduce our museum’s exhibits to as many Kazakhs as possible,” said Director of Local Museum of History in Volgograd, Anatoliy Malchenko.

To date, archaeologists from Astrakhan, artists and topographers such as Plakhov, Panteleyev and Biryukov work in Saraishyk museum-reserve. In return, they invite Kazakh colleagues to visit their museum.

“I expect that we will have an opportunity to conduct archaeological excavation in the territory of Russia,” said Deputy Director of Saraishyk Museum-Reserve, Aibek Turaruly.

Expansion of partnership between museums of the two countries will contribute to further reinforcement of relations in research and tourism.