Roza Rymbayeva gave a solo concert in Tashkent

People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, Roza Rymbayeva, gave a solo concert in Tashkent. The evening of her creativity was organized as part of the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan. A Kazakh famous singer performed her old popular songs and the new ones as well.

“The concert of Roza Rymbayeva was held with support of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports. The main goal is to strengthen cultural relations. We are more than neighbors since we have similar traditions and we are fraternal nations. We have to cooperate and support each other,” said Director of ‘Kazakh Concert’, Zhenis Seidollauly.

Roza Rymbayeva’s creativity has earned the love of not only Kazakhs but also the foreign public. She has been singing on prestigious stages of Japan, Russia, Turkey and Belarus. The singer was recognized as the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan for her achievements.