Exhibition Dedicated to Lermontov, Shevchenko was Held in Nur-Sultan

Nur-Sultan hosts a unique exhibition dedicated to the 205th anniversary of great contemporary poets of their time, two legends of one era, Lermontov and Shevchenko.

Both Russian and Ukrainian well-rounded creators were born in the 19th century. They were outstanding poets, freedom fighters and talented artists.

The exhibition shows the most interesting exhibits such as graphic and picturesque works as well as portraits and sketches drawn by Lermontov. Some of the exhibits will be donated to the Taras Shevchenko Museum.

“A few portraits of the poet’s lifetime have been preserved. Six portraits are presented at our exhibition. Of course, they are copies. Nevertheless, the exhibits are of great interest to a broad audience,” Nikolai Maltsev, Coordinator of Russian Center for Science and Culture in Nur-Sultan.

Photo: sputniknews.kz