Nur-Sultan Hosted Premiere of Don Carlos Opera

Nur-Sultan hosted a long-awaited premiere of Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi. At Astana Opera, the world classic masterpiece was staged by famous Italian theater director Davide Livermore. The performance was presented for the first time in 40 years.

“Don Carlos is an outstanding opera which has great influence on human soul. Giuseppe Verdi wrote a very complicated opera in terms of music. The musical score of this extraordinary opera conveys all the details of our emotions,”said Italian Stage Director, Davide Livermore.

Despite the sophisticated performance, spectators could understand the opera. It is full of historical characters. The performance includes topics of politics and religion, experiences and intrigues as well as a sad love story and tragic death.

Master of classic art, Alan Buribayev said that Don Carlos should be performed not only by use of rich technical and scenographic opportunities, but also by a large team of highly professional singers.

“It is an amazing big orchestra. Many theatres are not that big to stage Don Carlos opera. We also have excellent soloists who can sing and play. Technically this is a very sophisticated opera for our theatre. When you see what happens there, you will agree that this opera was made in the spirit of the 21st century,” said Conductor, Alan Buribayev.

The opera is organized with participation of the Astana Opera Symphony and Choir Orchestra.