Kazakh Traditions and Customs

Original and bright traditions of Kazakhs take roots from depth of centuries. Similar to Asian nations, Kazakhs have many customs related to hospitality and family celebrations, including Syrga Salu, Kyz Uzatu, Kyrkynan Shygaru, Konakkade and Yerulik.

Yerulik is an ancient tradition. During celebrations, new and old neighbors are invited. This helps them to get acquainted. This bonding moment contributes to the quick adaptation of the new neighbors and the friendship between the old and new neighbors. This tradition reflects Kazakh traits, including hospitality.

The Kazakh customs have a long history with established spiritual values. For example, Syrga Salu ceremony is one of the exciting life events for Kazakh women. It means that the parties have agreed to tie the knot and the woman is no longer single.

In short, the closest relatives of a groom pay a visit to a bride’s house. The bride’s relatives welcome them with a set dinner table, dastarkhan. This can be considered as an agreement between the parties and preparation for the wedding. Then the future bride is presented with earrings. This equals to the engagement ceremony.

The main cultural aspect of every nation is to pass down from generation to generation customs, traditions and ceremonies. Kazakh traditions have been shaped for several centuries. Today the focus is on preservation and popularization of these traditions.