Washington hosted Symposium on Kazakhstan’s Crafts and Creative Economy

Washington hosted a Scholarly Symposium on Kazakhstan’s Crafts and Creative Economy.

The forum was organized by the Kasteyev Museum of Arts and the Smithsonian Institution with support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United States.

As part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity Program, American visitors had the unique opportunity to see the worldview and values of people of the Great Steppe as well as culture of nomads and historical fragments of ancestors.

“We’re happy to have the Kasteyev museum scholars here. It is such a wonderful time. The craft ware show is one of the preeminent events in Unites States for crafts, craft marketing, innovation in crafts. This year, we have a special exhibition by Kazakh wearable craft makers of various kinds. Wonderful material, as you see around this auditoria. I first visited the Kasteyev in 1999. Sometimes years go by but we never forget and then we show up again and then other things happen. We have several staff members of the Kasteyev have come to Washington. We know that the Kasteyev is among the great organizations for the collection display and study of these kinds of arts. In addition, we know that Kasteyev State Museum have a good long-running partnership,” said Director of Asian Cultural History Program of Smithsonian Institution, Paul Taylor.

Kazakh crafts, originating from the Scythian-Saka culture of nomads and the Great Silk Road, are of great interest for the scientific and museum community.

Director of the Kasteyev Museum, Gulmira Shalabayeva, said that this conference is organized for the first time overseas. She added that communication is important and the project should continue.

“We wanted not only to introduce Kazakhstan’s fine art to the public, but also to increase interest in traditional culture of Kazakhstan. In terms of globalization, interest in national identity is growing. Some of the Kasteyev museum employees joined me. Our reports cover various topics including carpets, weaving, jewelry art, meanings of ornaments and ancient symbolism. We would like to attract the attention of the expert community. We expect that this conversation will be a discussion to attract scientists’ interest in our culture, history and art,” said Director of Kasteyev State Museum, Gulmira Shalabayeva.

The Symposium is organized as part of the Craft2Wear Show exhibition and the ‘Kazakhstan: The Spirit of Tengri’ traditional art of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan.

The arts and crafts show is annually organized by the Women's Committee of the Smithsonian Institution. The prestigious venue displays works by unique artists and designers of the US and the world.

Photo: Хабар 24