‘Concerto Barocco’ play was premiered in Astana Ballet

The ‘Concerto Barocco’ play was premiered in Astana Ballet.

The play was created in 1941 and is still part of the repertoire of the world’s leading theatres. The ballet has no plot. There is minimalistic use of costumes and scenery.

The one-act ballet of George Balanchine is staged by his student, French choreographer Nanette Glushak.

Ballet troupe has only two weeks to prepare for the premiere. According to the soloist, Nazerke Aimukhametova, it wasn’t difficult thanks to joint work with Nanette Glushak. She helped and worked mentoring artists.

“We perform both the classic repertoire and the neo-classic modern repertoire. The national part is presented very well. We work showcasing all genres,” said Director of Ballet Troupe, Zaure Umbetkulova.

Photo: tengrinews.kz