Support of Domestic Cinema

The second stage of application acceptance for the competition of the State Center for Support of National Cinema has started in Kazakhstan. In October, filmmakers will be able to submit their projects for consideration by an expert council.

The jury includes industry professionals, screenwriters, producers, film directors, distributors and film critics. Both feature films with potential to participate in international festivals, as well as commercial and animation films, can compete for the National Film title.

“The main prerequisite is that the application has to be submitted by the film-producing company with the attached written script, list of team members and planned estimate. If newcomers want to apply then in the pitching we will introduce a short film or debut. I would like them to apply with a producer, because he or she will be in charge of the funds that we will allocate. The producer will also be responsible for producing the film, contacting us and delivering the final product,” said Chairperson of State Center for Support of National Cinema, Gulnara Sarsenova.

The State Center for Support of National Cinema also plans to introduce a unified movie ticket system which will allow film producers and distributors to get full overview of cinema showings in Kazakhstan and monitor data online.

All the information on purchasing movie tickets in the cashboxes of any cinemas will come to the unified information center to process. As a result of this data, the total income which is called box office will be available. This will help in further development of filmmaking as well as film distributors in the purchase and rental of new films.

“The analytics which have been done, for example, in Russia for the past five years has allowed the Russian film industry to increase its income by 30 percent,” Sarsenova said.

The unified movie ticketing system is expected to be introduced as early as next year.