Paris Hosted Festival of Kazakh Films

The capital of France hosted a festival of Kazakh films. Sophisticated spectators in Paris watched the most successful Kazakh movies of recent years including ‘Aika,’ ‘Kazakh Khanate,’ ‘A Road to Mother’ and ‘Amre.’ The film ‘Amre’ was released under the ‘Paris Song’ title.

“I had a huge responsibility because this was a dream of deceased author, Zharkyn Shakarim. He wanted to revive Amre’s image in Paris,” said actor, Sanjar Madi.

Well-known Cinema Le Lincoln couldn’t fit the public willing to make it to the film screening. Organizers of the festival, specifically the Association of the Kazakh Film in France focused on garnering the interest of local film distributors.

During the festival, representatives of 120 companies attended the film screenings.

“Our goal is to organize a festival and attract many distributors and journalists in order to increase their interest in diversity and quality of the given films. We have a lot of copyright films at international film festivals in Europe which actively attract the public,” said Festival Organizer, Andre Ivanov.

All the participating films were awarded by the end of the festival. The event will become annual.

The festival won’t be limited with the movie rental as part of this festival in France. Special film screenings have been planned in other European countries.

“I’m honored to be here, to take part in the festival and to support it. In Paris, Kazakh culture should be introduced through cinema,” said actress Maryam d'Abo.

The event has proved once again that the Kazakh film industry produces good quality movies that are in demand abroad. The interest of spectators in Paris can serve as evidence.

The festival visitors told that through films they discovered new Kazakhstan with its ancient history, unique culture and promising future.