Ornament is a National Brand

Handicraft occupies a special place among Turkic people of Central Asian region. Culture of fraternal countries is quite similar to each other. This can be seen from ancient art of ornament which takes its roots from Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

According to historical sources, these ornaments were created 2,500 years ago. This is evidenced by ancient cave paintings found in Ulytau and Zhasybai. This is not just a trace of history, but a reflection of people’s view on the world.

Each ornament carries a meaning which helps to study the unique features of each nation.

To date, successors of the art follow ancient traditions. Meanwhile, craftspeople take into account modern trends. Their goal is to popularize national art via ornamentation.

“The ornament on this blue dress is called ‘Syrga Oyu.’ This shows our main distinction from other countries. We have geometric ornaments. Kazakh ornaments don’t have sharp angles but our ornaments have,” said Chairperson of Karakalpak Ethno-Cultural Association, Tazabike Saliyeva

Kazakhs have different national forms of art that are instilled in every child. For example, every girl should know how to sew. This art is passed down from generation to generation.

“We have kept skills such as knitting, embroidery and making blankets and felt. The ornament is a national brand. I want to create clothes with the national ornament combined with modern trends and bring our national style to the international level,” said needlewoman, Dana Amanshina.

Photo: decormaster.kz