Tomiris Historical Drama Premiered in Nur-Sultan

The long-awaited large-scale historical drama Tomiris premiered in the capital.

The movie dedicated to the events of 6th century BC tells the story of the Great Steppe queen.

The legendary ruler of Saka became a skilled warrior from a little girl and endures the loss of loved ones and takes revenge on the traitors uniting the Saka tribes under her rule. For the sake of love and freedom, the heroine of the film will have to fight in a fierce and bloody war with Persian king, Cyrus, and his merciless army.

The works of the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, were taken as a basis in developing the script for the film. Historical materials and information were studied and academic advisors were involved in order to shoot the historical saga.

“Our main advisor is the historian, Almas. When we were writing the script and producing on the set, we tried to make the film as similar to historical events as possible. Our consultant historians have worked not only with me, but with our costume designers, artists and production designers. This is a great historical work,” said, Film Director, Akan Satayev.

It is a common film for all Turkic-speaking nations, said actor, Yerkebulan Daiyrov. The message and program article of the First President places emphasis on historical films that awaken the patriotic feelings among the public. The actor believes that such good films will continue to be filmed.

The idea behind the film is Aliya Nazarbayeva. The historical drama was filmed based on order of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.