Capital’s Puppet Theatre Marks 10th Anniversary

The Puppet Theater in Nur-Sultan is preparing for its 10th anniversary.

An international theater festival will be organized in honor of the anniversary. The best two theater troupes have been invited.

The creative team, which was created in 2010 has won the hearts of Kazakh and foreign spectators as well as the awards of international contests.

Today the theater repertoire includes local production of legends and fairytales as well as original international works.

Moreover, the theater has established cooperation with theater crews from Italy and Turkey.

“Our repertoire has 24 production performances designed for a variety of spectators. In the past ten years, our theater has staged mostly children’s performances. In recent years, we have been preparing a program for adult as well. In 2015, we staged ‘Kuralai’ and now as part of the 10th anniversary we plan to organize one more festival,” said Art Director of Theater, Kuralai Yeshmuratova.