Patchwork is Experiencing New Development

Patchwork has been known for a very long time as a type of needlework. Craftswomen created items from small pieces of fabric that are amazing in beauty and harmony, including blankets, pillows, panels and much more.

Today the patchwork is experiencing new development. Needlewomen said that the process is hard but very exciting.

“I truly want to highlight the fact that we have patchwork in Uzbekistan. The patchwork has been very developed and known since ancient times. However, over time, it has slightly lost its prevalence, but we have a lot of masters in Uzbekistan. Now quilting is actively being developed in the country,” said Uzbek craftswoman, Nigora Baikhanova.

The process of creating quilts includes several stages. It is important that the product has smooth and neat connecting seams. Then it is filled with down, lamb or camel fur.

Meanwhile, each patchwork product is unique. It is almost impossible to recreate the exact same product.

“My grandmother taught me how to knit and sew. I also learned felting from her. I could make pillows and blankets when I was 10. I believe that it is important to save and develop the craft by introducing innovations into the craft,” said craftswoman, Gulshat Bazarbayeva.

Patchwork has long been widespread as a form of decorative and applied art throughout Central Asia.

Today, the craftswomen of nomads know the technique of producing quilted patchworks. The women also pass down the secrets and techniques of sewing from generation to generation.