International Contest of Kui Performers was held in Zhezkazgan

As part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program, the international Ketbuka zhyrau competition of kui performers took place in Zhezkazgan.

17 people from China, Mongolia and other regions of Kazakhstan took part in the competition of the kuishi, whose name is connected to Ulytau. Comprehensive research on his musical heritage should be conducted

Ketbuka zhyrau was an advisor to Shyngys Khan and a mentor of Zhoshy Khan, brave leader, Kazakh judge and a performer of kuis.

His kui ‘Aksak kulan’ is well-known. Today people perform ‘Aksak kulan’ kui in different genres using various musical instruments.

“I have been playing dombyra since the age of four. I take part in kui competitions in Mongolia. This is my first time participating in the contest in Kazakhstan. I can perform nearly 30 kuis. I prepared to stage ‘Kuroinak’ kui specifically for this contest,” said contestant from Mongolia, Mustafa Yerkinbek.