National Museum Hosts ‘Time Travel’ Exhibition

In order to feel the fighting spirit of the Kazakh warriors, one needs to travel to the ancient world of the Great Steppe. Residents and guests of the capital have the opportunity to go on a real ‘Time Travel’.

The National Museum hosts an exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of creative activity and the 70th anniversary of the famous Kazakh artist Kaliolla Akhmetzhan.

The master presented a total of about 100 paintings created in various genres and techniques.

All of paintings reflect the different stages of the author's work. Among them are illustrations for historical books, sketches for cartoons and historical reconstructions of the military equipment of the Kazakh batyrs.

Kaliolla Akhmetzhan has been engaged in research work for a very long time. He is the only specialist in the republic who studies the history of Kazakh weapons.

The works of Kaliolla Akhmetzhan are made in the original technique. It was invented by the master himself and includes layering and dot-coating.

This allows perceiving his artistic effects in different ways depending on the distance and viewing angle. The artist expects that the beauty of the universe and the subtlety of the existence can be captured in this way.

He also has a moire technique that looks like a puzzle. There are fragments of the ‘Kozy Korpesh – Bayan Sulu’ history, elements of the Saxon period as well as the gold items in all the paintings.

The works of Kaliolla Akhmetzhan are kept in the collections of the best museums in Kazakhstan and Russia as well as in local and foreign private collections, including in England, USA, Sweden, Pakistan, Germany, Iran and Japan.